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Workforce Training


Sterling-Pacific has officially become an approved Training Agent registered with the State of Oregon. For more information contact the Bureau of Labor & Industries Apprenticeship and Training Division via email at ATD.Email@boli.oregon.gov, or call 971-673-0760

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About Training Agents

Training agents must make a commitment to provide on-the-job training according to approved industry standards, supervise the apprentice according to the ratio approved in the industry standards and adhere to policies established by the state or the committee. Training agents encourage apprentices to fully participate in the related training classes and make sure that they do not set up barriers to full participation. The training agent must fairly evaluate the apprentices’ progress and make recommendations to the apprenticeship committee regarding the advancement of apprentices. The training agent must pay the apprentice according to the standards and participate in the committee’s annual journey wage rate survey. Training agents must treat apprentices fairly and follow the requirements of the industry standards and policies of the committee.

NW College of Construction

About Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is the original 4-year degree!

The roofers apprenticeship program at NW College of Construction combines paid on-the-job training with classroom instruction. While studying at the NW College of Construction, you will be working for Sterling-Pacific. Annualized starting salary is $41,223.60 + Benefits.

Once hired by Sterling-Pacific (your training agent) your status changes from Applicant to Registered Apprentice, making you eligible to enroll as a student at the college and pursue the formal education associated with roofing construction.

NW College of Construction

Free Education

And the education is FREE!

Sterling-Pacific pays for your tuition and books. Apprentices receive a paycheck, hands-on career training in roofing, a free education, and upon completion, apprentices receive nationally recognized industry certification as a master roofer.

For more information, contact the NW College of Construction at 503-256-7300.